The National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey maintains a collection of flags belonging to military units raised in New Jersey which fought in the American Civil War. These include cavalry flags, volunteer regiments, as well as captured Confederate battle flags.

The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs wishes to express our thanks to the following organizations and individuals for their contributions to this web page – the New Jersey State Museum, the New Jersey State Archives, and Dr. David Martin.

Note: CN – Collection Number


Stars and Stripes Designs

Unit Flags – Blue Rectangular Designs

Triangular Brigade Flag Designs

Battery Flag Designs

Miscellaneous Brigade Flag Designs

Organization Flag Designs

Miscellaneous Flag Designs

Captured Confederate Flags

American Civil War flag reference from an 1891 War Department Atlas

Union Stars-and-Stripes battle flag at a Civil War reenactment

Sergeant Alex Rogers with a heavily used Pennsylvania regimental flag

Dedication of the 13th New Jersey Regiment; several battle flags visible