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The Intelligent Whale

The centerpiece of the Museum is the Intelligent Whale, a primitive post Civil War submarine powered by human muscle. Ideally four sailors would crank the propeller while the other crewmen labored to keep the submarine on course and off the bottom. At least one crew member was tasked with leaving the sub through the wooden door in the submarine’s hull floor and transporting and attaching a mine to the hull of an enemy vessel.

You can actually poke your head up inside from beneath the sub and get a feel for how much space there was for the complement of 6 crewmen. Learn more.

On August 27, 1932, Franklin Roosevelt arrived at the National Guard Camp in Sea Girt, where a crowd of over 100,000 enthusiastic people greeted the Democratic candidate.

An experimental version of the "bazooka" being tested at the Palmyra, NJ testing grounds in 1945.

NJ native Cornelia Hancock, known as the “Florence Nightingale of America,” traveled to Gettysburg in the aftermath of the battle as a volunteer nurse, and served through the remainder of the Civil War.

Drum and bugle corps of the 44th MP Company, New Jersey National Guard, in 1936.