The mission of the National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey is to preserve and explain the military heritage of New Jersey and enhance public understanding of how armed conflicts and military institutions have shaped our state and national experience. The museum collects, preserves and displays artifacts, documents, and memorabilia that have specific historical significance to the Army National Guard, the Air National Guard, and the Naval Militia of New Jersey.


CW5 Guy Remig

Mr. Joseph Bilby
Collections Management

Ms. Carol Fowler
Assistant Curator
Veteran Oral Histories

SGT Andrew Walker
Command Historian / Curator

LTC (Ret) William Kale
Assistant Curator, Lawrenceville

COL (Ret) Jon Gribbin
Assistant Curator, Lawrenceville

LTC (Ret) Tom Smith
Assistant Curator, Lawrenceville

Term Expiration - Board of Trustee Members

2019 – Charles A. Ragucci
2019 – Robert E. Watson
2019 – Duncan C. MacQueen
2021 – Edward R. Sain
2020 – Dave H. Turner
2020 – John M. Promaulayko
2021 – Gary H. Ireland
2019 – Richard T. LaRocca
2020 – Joseph Russo
2020 – Thomas J. Smith
2021 – George M. Beukema
2021 – James S. Kownacki
2021 – Willam H. Kale

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Officers and Appointments for 2018-2019

President – COL (Ret) Charles A. Ragucci
First Vice President – COL (Ret) Robert E. Watson
Vice President Army – SFC (Ret) Duncan C. MacQueen
Vice President Air – LTC (Ret) Edward R. Sain
Secretary – CSM (Ret) Dave H. Turner
Treasurer – COL (Ret) John M. Promaulayko
Museum Director – CW5 Guy Remig
Lawrenceville Curator – LTC (Ret) William H. Kale
Lawrenceville Curator – COL (Ret) Jon F. Gibbin
Lawrenceville Curator – LTC (Ret) Thomas J. Smith

Ex-Officio. Non Voting Members

Legal Counsel – COL (Ret) Stephan B. Patrick
The Adjutant General – BG Jemal J. Beale


By-Laws Committee Chair – COL (Ret) Robert E. Watson
Membership Committee Chair – COL (Ret) Robert E. Watson
Development Committee Chair – COL (Ret) Charles A. Ragucci
Budget and Finance Committee Chair – LTC (Ret) Thomas J. Smith

2019 BOT Meetings: 1300 Hrs 2/6 at LVL, 1300 Hrs 5/1 at SG, 1300 Hrs 8/7 at LVL, Annual 1000 Hrs 10/20 at SG

June 14, 1776
The New Jersey Provincial Congress ordered the arrest of Royal Governor William Franklin, the son of Patriot leader Benjamin Franklin.

May 4, 1862
The Second New Jersey Brigade, composed of the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth New Jersey Infantry regiments, fought its first battle, a vicious fight against the rear guard of a retreating Confederate army, in a driving rainstorm at Williamsburg, Virginia, losing 536 men killed, wounded and missing.

April 3, 1865
The Twenty-second United States Colored Infantry, an African-American unit mostly composed of men from New Jersey, was one of the first Union army regiments to enter Richmond, as the Civil War began to draw to a close.

“Any nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure.”

– Abraham Lincoln

New Jersey Guardsmen training at Camp Drum, New York in the 1960s.

November 30, 1967: Captain Eleanor Grace Alexander, a US army nurse from River Vale, NJ was killed in an aircraft crash near Qui Nhon.

November 4, 1791: General Arthur St. Clair’s army, including a battalion recruited in NJ, met disastrous defeat by Indians in Ohio.

Company B of the 1st Separate Battalion participated in rescue operations for survivors of the Morro Castle ship fire in September 1934.


Researchers interested in viewing our collections should contact Mr. Joseph Bilby, Assistant Curator, at (732) 974-5966.