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The museum is only authorized to have 50 people at one time.  We recommend to plan on having any group larger than 50 to be broken down into smaller groups.  

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June 20, 1777
New Jersey Militia General Philemon Dickinson led 400 New Jersey militiamen and fifty Pennsylvania riflemen in an attack on a British foraging party in Middlesex County, capturing nine prisoners and forty wagons.

June 9, 1960
New Jersey established an official Civil War Centennial Commission to manage the state’s participation in the forthcoming events commemorating the hundredth anniversary of the Civil War.

June 16, 1863
Governor Joel Parker called for New Jerseyans to volunteer to defend Pennsylvania from Confederate invasion. A few companies of volunteer militia were formed, but never left the state.

The 44th Military Police Company was founded in Passaic, NJ on November 11, 1924, with an initial complement of 29 men, all of them World War I veterans.

January 15, 1961: 28 men, US Air Force and civilian personnel, were killed after the collapse of Texas Tower #4, a massive radar installation 75 miles off the NJ coast, in a winter storm.

Refugees from the Hungarian Revolution, including this baby in the arms of a smiling WAF (Women in the Air Force) “Airman,” landed at McGuire Air Force Base on December 12, 1956.

In August 1922, eight Coast Guard Cutters were ordered to assemble at Cape May, NJ, for “a training period of war maneuvers and target practice.”